We are looking for someone who will work closely with leadership, providing oversight to the product & technology function: continued innovation and assurance that the process for development, infrastructure, and project management are in place to facilitate the organization’s growth. The individual would contribute to our super-app strategy to build a product that includes our current services, payments and food amongst others. We are looking for super talented people who can additionally also liaison with our board members including MEVP, Sarmayacar and Prosus (Naspers).

About the role:

  1. Identify gaps in the product and engineering structure to drive velocity and quality
  2. Identify opportunities in the existing and new verticals, as well as internal tools - and validate them via research, user-data and/or competitive analysis
  3. Ensure documentation for new product developments liaising with Operations, Tech, Marketing, Customer Servicing, BI and UI/UX teams
  4. Monitor user behavior on both the Bykea customer and partner apps and identify optimisations; both in-terms of performance and drop-offs in user journey funnels
  5. Identify optimisation opportunities in the existing product line to improve product KPIs
  6. Prepare impact analysis for all new developments and prioritize them accordingly
  7. Maintain detailed product manuals with a changelog
  8. Coach the current team to ensure product efficiencies and ownership

Skill and Competencies:

  1. Ability to operate in a complex operational environment
  2. Strong Analytical Skills, ability to identify and build customer segments and determine solutions for their needs
  3. Passion and successful track record in championing great experiences, with attention to detail and craftsmanship
  4. Good understanding of Business Value Chain and Business Analytics
  5. Customer centric approach towards product development and its implementation
  6. Experience working within the technology industry/start-up environment is highly desirable
  7. Experience in any of the following: Design Thinking, Product Development, Data Analysis & Insights, Segmentation
  8. Ability to easily explain complex concepts to people with no domain or technical knowledge and make sure they understand the implications


  1. 7+ years of experience in working with consumer focused digital products
  2. Extensive experience as product developer/designer, product management and user experience roles
  3. Responsible for launch and subsequent refinement of an app or technical product in the past
  4. Managed a set of designers and product managers in the past and rolled out products with market feedback
  5. Technically savvy enough to do basic SQL lookups, create simple engineering tickets and properly leverage product event tracking solutions
  6. Strong requirements gathering and documentation skills


  1. Live and breathe the product with passion to create, innovate and dream of solutions
  2. Engineering, planning, mapping approach yearning for documentation
  3. Pragmatic with love for hacking a solution and willingness to test and try before investing
  4. Positive energy for peers and willingness to help colleagues
  5. Willingness to incorporate learnings from the most junior employee to a street vendor
  6. Flexibility of knowing when to obsess over incremental details refining existing offerings and when blue sky thinking is required
  7. Customer centric: loves getting into the mind of a customer to deliver addictive user experience